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Bowen Island Herbs Salts

Bowen Island Herbs Salts is owned and operated by a husband and wife who take their garden seriously. Only the finest leaves, sprigs, flowers, berries, and wood trimming are hand selected for their products.


Bukowski has been a family run business since 1990. It was founded by Barbara Bukowski in Stockholm, Sweden and is now considered one of Europe's largest stuffed animal companies.


A lifelong lover of beautiful things, Irene Held started Indaba in 1990. Inspired by her South African roots, she has always had a passion for handicrafts and sought to share her love of handmade design with North Americans.


Kermodi Living Art specializes in modern minimalist indoor and outdoor potted plants that provide high design with low maintenance.

LH Imports

LH imports is a furniture wholesale that Stock Home Design works with and has a long history of distribution since 1999. Their focus is on delivering distinctive, quality products while being mindful of the environment.

Salt Spring Kitchen Co

Since 2012 Salt Spring Kitchen Co have created big flavours in small batches. It's a woman-owned factory and you can expect gourmet savoury, spicy, and sweet preserves, flavour forward and funky sauces.

Sid Dickens

Sid Dickens is a Vancouver based artist who has been creating memory blocks since 1994. Each block is handmade using wood and porcelain-like plaster. He brings out two new collections each year and simultaneously retires some.

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