About Us

Creating an ever changing canvas

Showcase your personality with local artists and makers that will inspire storytelling. We want to step away from traditional design and encourage creativity within your home. 

Our mission

We believe that your home should tell a story.

Our Products

We offer a curated selection of one-of-a-kind products from local Canadian artisans and makers, with an emphasis on the West Coast. To complement our locally sourced items, we also carry a carefully selected range of decor and gift items.

Our Values

Creativity & Curiosity

We love to inspire people and we hope to encourage creative and curious mindsets, because we believe this will lead to new and innovative ideas.


Without collaboration, Stock Home Design would not be what it is today. We proudly work with and support hundreds of local artists, makers, and suppliers through our store.

what makes us different

Locally Sourced

We are proud to work with over 100+ local artists and makers.

People Driven

Our community inspires us! We love having conversations with our customers and encourage product and artist requests.

Rotating Art Gallery

Based on seasons and conversations we rotate our artwork and continuously bring in new artists. There will always be something new to see.