Elizabeth Cross

Elizabeth loves to paint large colourful and playful, flowers, faces and abstracts. She has been painting as a hobby for the last 30 years.  It was only recently, that Elizabeth went "public" with her work and she has decided that she cannot let this passion just sleepily exist in her any longer.

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Heather Johnston

Heather's art is inspired by the beauty of the natural world and the mysteries of life. She takes inspiration from the Surrealists view of the world - one of a compilation of disparate thoughts and dreams and seemingly unrelated images.

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Joane Moran

Joane is inspired by her natural surroundings of the West Coast on the edge of the Pacific Ocean. Strong strokes of colour and contrast are the qualities you will see in Joane’s  oils.  She defines her style as a realist  with a contemporary edge.

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Marianne Enhorning

Marianne creates evocative, dreamlike works in mixed media that are figurative, nature influenced and abstractly architectural. Her art emerges from her deep sense of longing for a world that is inclusive, equal and just; a world that is simple and kind.

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Melanie Morstad

One can hardly grow up under the canvas of Saskatchewan’s “Living Skies” without feeling an intimate connection to the vast landscapes that often inspire the paintings of Melanie.

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Sascha Westendorp

Sascha Westendorp grew up in Northern Germany and moved to Vancouver in 1998. Her pieces are created on canvas or wood with acrylics and photo transfer.

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Shae Salmon

Starting with a base of textural layers and translucent colours, her acrylic paints create abstract impressions of the natural landscape - sea, sky, and forest.  Atop these backgrounds, she transfers her photographic images of birds & trees.

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Sue Bayley

'The Nomad Artist' describes Sue's creatively unusual life. Along with her passion for art, she also has a passion for conservation of the natural world. She travels the world and works on conservation projects and assists with marine research.

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Suzanne Northcott

Suzanne is an interdisciplinary artist working with installation, video, painting, and drawing. She is a sought-after lecturer and instructor and has spoken at UBC, Capilano University, York University, Trinity Western University, and the Langley Fine Arts School.

Susie Cippola

Susie’s preferred painting medium is acrylic and her subject matter is primarily scenery and wildlife of the Pacific Northwest Region.

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Tom Antil

From the beginning Tom was influenced by the impressionists, and pointillists in terms of style, the fauvists for their arbitrary choice of colours, folk art for its mural like qualities and people on the street scenes.

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Yvonne Achesson

Yvonne's love of the ocean, its amazing coastlines, and the rest of God’s beautiful creation on Vancouver Island, is the inspiration for her paintings. She enjoy working with vibrant colours blending in curves to portray the essence of each piece.

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